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* Certified RYT-200, Spring 2016 Hyde Park Yoga Company
* Local clientele includes Austin ISD, Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden, etc.

First and foremost, I believe yoga is about community. From Wikipedia: "The Sanskrit noun yoga translates to (and is cognate with) English 'yoke'. It is derived from the root yuj 'to attach, join, harness, yoke'."  

Even when practiced alone, yoga promotes community and works to bring us closer together, because the practice aids us in becoming more comprehensively attuned with our own bodies (including our minds). The more intimately we understand our own bodies and their systems, the more keenly aware of and able to relate to the world around us we also become.

In short, yoga helps us to connect. 

I completed my 200-Hour Teacher Training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in Spring 2016 through Hyde Park Yoga Company in Austin, Texas. My training focused on the history, philosophy, methodology, asana and discipline of Hatha Yoga as set forth by the Yoga Alliance.

Since completing my certification, I have had the privilege to teach beginner-intermediate yoga classes to members of my community - first to friends, and more recently to educators in the Austin Independent School District (AISD), as well as patrons of local businesses. I am honored to have had these experiences, as they have allowed me to hone and grow my skill set as a yoga teacher, and also to connect with some amazing people in my own community!

My teaching style is a reflection of the school of yoga I was taught in, and my own personality. I love to create for my students a balanced blend of alignment-based (Iyengar) yoga, Vinyasa (flow) yoga, and a little bit of Yin or restorative yoga; occasionally sprinkling in some yoga philosophy and humor where fitting. Music is also an element I enjoy incorporating into my teaching. I will often craft a playlist appropriate to compliment the sequences I've put together for a class.

Ultimately, my aim is to create a space of comfort and safety, where my students may feel bold enough to challenge themselves. I also believe in mutual learning. I hope to learn just as much, or more, from teaching a class of students as they learn from me. 

As much as possible, I offer my yoga services on donation basis. Maintaining that community should be at the heart of yoga, I believe that it should be accessible spiritually, physically and financially. Donation-based yoga services allow for me to be compensated based on a combination of what value my students receive from my class, and what their personal situation allows them to contribute.

If you are a student of yoga, I hope to see you out at one of our next practices; and if you are connected to an organization or local business seeking to add yoga as community offering, please don't hesitate to reach out! 
Contact Me Here!

~ From the highest and best in me, to the highest and best in you . . . Namaste. ~

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